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Acquiring the correct load body for your truck is vital. Each truck owner requires the vehicle for a unique task. At Kinsey Steel Industries, we will equip you with the perfect body to cater for your specific needs. We are a specialist supplier to the trucking, farming, timber, sugar cane and saw milling industries, and our custom bodies have been designed using over 20 years of experience in the field. Our solid reputation and the strict standards we adhere to has led to clients coming in from all over Africa and Europe. Some important factors to keep in mind when it comes to selecting the new body for your truck:

The job: First off, you need to decide what your truck will be loading and offloading for most of its life. There is no
                use going for a body that is ideal for moving household goods when you are actually transporting produce
                from your crops.

Keep in mind, the smaller the body, the more loads you will have to transport. This in turn leads to more
                costs in fuel as well as time wasted in continuously loading and offloading your goods. Select a size that
                will allow you to maximise trips without it being bigger than what you need.

Weight: For both safety and power, it is important that you stick to the weight limits on your truck. An overloaded
               truck can overpower the vehicle making it difficult to control for the driver and can lead to disastrous results.
               Think about the amount and average weight that you transport regularly and select a body that can handle
               your workload.

Shape and design: Each type of cargo is unique. Selecting a body that will allow you to quickly and easily load your
                                    stock is extremely important. The contours of the interior, size and design are specifically
                                    tailored for loading certain goods and will allow you to safely transport your valuable cargo
                                    from A to B.

Some of the Load bodies available include:

4 tonne box load body

4 tonne fuso flat deck load body

 8 tonne flat deck load body

fuso drop side load body

fuso rear tip dropside load body

mercedes labour carrier load body

Kinsey Steel Industries is a leading supplier of truck equipment and can cater for any model including Fuso trucks. For more assistance in determining which load body will enhance your business, contact us now.