Kinsey Steel Industries forest fire engines and fire truck bodies are custom engineered for African conditions.

For more than 30 years, Kinsey Steel Industries has manufactured leading custom forest fire engines and forest fire trucks ideally suited for fighting African bush and forest fires. Our range includes both 4 x 2 and rugged 4 x 4 options for a range of fire fighting solutions. Our 4 x 4 fire trucks are ideally suited to in-field forestry fire prevention where traditional tractor-drawn bowsers are too slow, difficult to manoever and lack personnel protection. By contrast, our go-anywhere 4×4 fire trucks have a large base water capacity, rapid turn-around refill time, highly manoeuvrable and include crush protected personnel cabs. Our fire trucks also offer:

  • A variety of pumps solutions depending on requirements
  • Optional manual or power driven hose reels
  • A variety of water tanks and capacities with custom baffles for enhanced stability

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